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I never said my phone was draining. I said I need my phone to make it thru the day on a charge. I've chosen my last two phones specifically because they were the android phones with the best battery life I could find. I don't want to be tethered to an outlet.

I don't play on my phone. I use it to see what emails I have in between meetings, to view calendar events and to make calls. During the week at work I could plug in at times. But I get up and go a lot and don't want to have to mess with plugging/unplugging my phone between meetings.

On the weekends, I'm outside working on projects, working on houses, working on my yard, etc.. I'm not always around a charger while I'm working on that stuff.

Sure, I could get by with a phone that needs to be plugged in to make it thru a day, but for me it's a priority not to have to deal with that kind of a PITA.

Also, for the record, I'm not making any predictions about how this phone will do battery-wise, but I'm also not going to place much merit in marketing or guesses either. I just want to hear real world reports... and those don't exist yet.
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