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Originally Posted by mailroomman View Post
and how you guys who already have one getting on with it.
now you have done a fair few cycles on it .
I've given at least 5 full charge/discharge cycles and I can only say it's not really any better or worse than stock. I did hammer during those cycles, but even when calibrated, it only performed very slightly better than HTCs battery.

It gave some strange results when charging. It would be just fully charged, yet the battery app would say it had been charged for an hour or so. Like wise, when I took it off charge, my battery app would tell me it had been off charge for half an hour ish. Stock battery gave accurate results though.

The size thing also really got me.

I did try and I did want this battery to work, but for all the reasons above, I've reverted back to the official one. As I've mentioned before, I've no real issue with battery life anyway and hopefully Gingerbread will help get a little more juice out of it (it certainly seems that way so far anyway).

If others are experiencing decent results, maybe mine is faulty? For 6 though, I'm not gonna bother with the hassle of sending it back, it's just gonna sit on the shelf above the telly along with all the others.
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