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Originally Posted by Evildawn View Post
This is a decent strategy but not the best with the proper tuning and timing I run my 599 at constant 12.440's sometimes faster. When most other 599's redline in 6th im still beastin out in 5th. I don't even have to shift out of 5th to win a 1/2 mile current top speed(in 5th gear) 258mph.

Then of course on the 1/4 I love dusting off those green lambos. They'll be ahead till the last fraction of a second when the 599's superior top speed puts them to shame.
What are you running in the 1/4 with your 559? I haven't lost to a 559 in the 1/4 with my Lambo for weeks. Now that they added tuning the 559 has no chance in the 1/4.

I average 8.544 in the 1/4 with the green lambo. Others are now getting as low as 8.527, I can't figure out how the hell they are going that fast!
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