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Originally Posted by brownhornet View Post
Actually having an Evo ill just say this.. most of the time when you see people claim to have crazy long battery life its mainly because they dont use half of the features of the phone. Like disabling background data, 4g, not using facebook, twitter, etc. I dont care what type of method you use, if you actually USE the phone and all of the features itd be dead by noon without a charge. And this is coming from someone that actually uses one of the SBC kernels. Battery life is simply terrible unless youre not using it to its potential.

They most definitely need to have that in order with the 3D.
I actually USE the phone, but the only time it'll drain quickly is when I am on the phone constantly w/o putting on standby for 4 hours. In that case, it definitely drains quickly, but who realistically uses their phone like that except for people that either 1) work in the tech world, 2) work in business where majority of what they do is on the road on their cell, or 3) students that have time to kill.

What exactly would classify "using the phone to its full potential?" I could almost guarantee you that the general consumer, which is likely the majority as far as EVO owners are concerned, doesn't use the phone to its "full potential." And the general consumers will ALWAYS be the corporations' targets because that's the majority of the money. The minority (people that are tech savvy / forum members) are the ones that I'd peg to actually know how to reach the phones "full potential" as you say.

But I am curious as to what exactly you mean by that more specifically. I'm not even sure that I use the phone to its "full potential"...LOL.
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