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Originally Posted by nsider2 View Post
While this is slightly better than the previous method, I still get slaughtered by opponents at launch.
Would someone please help me with these shift points? I am ridiculously frustrated.
Are you getting slaughtered by other Venoms, or just other cars in general? Some cars are awesome at launching, other cars need time to get going. Depending on who is beating you, may just depend on the car they're driving.

I still have yet to figure out the Venom as well. Now that there's tuning in the game, it makes it way harder to figure out what other people are doing. I think they should add in some kind of visual shift indicator on other ppl's cars, so you can see when they shift.

Before they added tuning, you could just see when someone else driving the same car pulled away from you. then you could improve your driving based on that feedback. Now, it's anyone's game.

I've been stuck trying to drop another hundredth off my lambo speed.
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