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Originally Posted by bsweetness View Post
There are always various online deals that they don't have in the store. It's just the way things run.

I suggest that you look through this thread here to get some opinions on the Droid Pro:

Thinking about upgrading to Droid Pro, does anyone like it?

I absolutely love mine. The vast majority of the issues you read about have been solved by the latest software update. Yes, coming from a Blackberry there will be things you have to adjust to, like battery life. An Android phone does so much more than a Blackberry phone, and it requires more power (and in turn more battery) to do it all. If you don't care about the features of Android, and just about the battery life, you might want to stick with Blackberry. But if you want everything Android has to offer, it's a great transition device.

There are also a lot of things you can do to improve battery life on the Pro. I have GPS and Sync on all the time, and I easily get over 20 hours of battery life on a single charge.
+1 on what bsweetness has said. I came from a BB and have absolutely no regrets. I love the Pro. Yes, the Android experience is a little different than the BB experience. It took me about a week to realize how much better the Pro was than the just have to learn how to do things differently because of different technology and different operating systems...NOT HARDER...JUST DIFFERENT. As far a battery life...certainly the Pro won't match the BB, but with an extended battery, some simple battery saving tips and common sense you can easily get a full days use out of a charge even if you are a heavy users.
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