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Originally Posted by ArmageddonX View Post
Has anyone looked into Squaretrade's Warranties? I've often though about getting one but never talked to anyone who had done so. I know for the longest time it was the only Warranty option for anyone with an iPhone.

I just had to go through a replacement with Best Buy. Let me tell ya; Having the "loaner" phone for 3-6 weeks while they repair your Smartphone is NOT an option you want to consider if you are a big Smartphone user. The loaner phone was a pathetic non-3G device that could barely text-message.
That's PRECISELY what I was worried about! I had a friend that had her Epic 4G crap out on her, and just like you she got this piece of junk loaner phone she was stuck with for several weeks while they tried to repair her phone.

At the end of the day though, she still somewhat got screwed. She paid $250 for the Epic 4G, when the Evo was only $199. When BB said they couldn't fix her phone, they gave her a gift card for full retail value on the Epic 4G. She went into BB and the new Nexus S 4G had a full retail price that was $50 more then the Epic, even though the contract price of the Nexus S 4G was only $199. So if she wanted the Nexus, she'd have to pay another $50, meaning she would have had to pay $300 for a $199 phone.

To top it off, the gift card didn't cover the sales tax either. I'm sure you could argue about it at the store if you had the time to spare, which she didn't unfortunately.

So in addition to just the loaner phone fiasco, sometimes it appears that the way they reimburse you to allow you to buy a new phone can be somewhat garbage too. Just cuz you paid $250 for your phone on contract, doesn't mean you'll be able to get any other device that also has a contract price of $250.
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