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Originally Posted by ghostcloak View Post
But this can't be possible on a Driver's Battle.

Race Description: You and your online opponent will be driving identical cars. Win the battle of skill to get the prize.

So how is I still get blown by a handful of guys (maybe 1 out of every 50 races it's like this) even though my Ultimate Aero is redlined and going 276mph? If we have the same identical car (and setup I assume), how are they boosting past redline? There's only 6 gears... lol. I don't get it
I've been running in to this problem too. I tried searching around and haven't found any hacks or hints or cheats or anything like that. I have no clue how people are doing it but it's frustrating especially when I was winning up until their little "special-boost".

Originally Posted by nsider2 View Post
Alright I'm about to give up... I have a low-grade level 10 Venom GT and am trying to earn money for its upgrades via drivers battles; not fast enough for face-to-face yet.

Although I have NO idea how to launch these things.

Someone somewhere suggested:
1) Achieve perfect launch
2) Immediately shift to second and ride it out to a perfect shift to 3rd
3) Hit nitrous after shifting into 3rd
Used this for a bit but identical Venoms were still leaving me in the dust at launch.

Then I tried:
1) Achieve a perfect launch
2) Shift immediately into second
3) Shift early into 3rd at 4k rpm
4) Wait for nitrous until just before redline, where traction is usually gained
5) Perfect shift remaining gears
While this is slightly better than the previous method, I still get slaughtered by opponents at launch.
Would someone please help me with these shift points? I am ridiculously frustrated.
Here's what I do with the Venom
1) F-that perfect launch crap. Aim for your RPMs to be just above "perfect".
2) IMMEDIATELY shift into 3rd gear
3) At 6k RPMs hit the N2O
4) Go for perfect shifts into 4th, 5th, and just past perfect into 6th.
5) Win. I've run into the 10's with that strategy.

Here's what I do with the Aero TT
1) Start with your RPM's just above perfect again
2) IMMEDIATELY shift into 3rd
3) At 5500/6k RPM's shift to 4th
4) Perfect shift into 5th
6) Perfect shift into 6th

Just ran an 11.099 at 276mph with the above strategy. And then an 11.001 with the Venom using the above strategy.
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