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Originally Posted by ArmageddonX View Post
Yeah, the Best Buy Smartphone Warranties are renown for being bad. Visit the Best Buy customer service forums sometime if you don't believe me. When it's time for Best Buy to pay up on their part of the deal; they don't want to. I just had my Palm Pre "repaired" and the refurbished Palm they sent me back works worse than the one I sent in.

It took me a month to get them to agree to even repair my device. First they had a broken loaner phone, then they didn't have enough loaner phones, and finally they couldn't transfer my contacts to the POS loaner. I Emailed corporate back and forth for 3 weeks with no helpful responses other than "we're sorry". When I finally got my loaner it was a non-smart non-3G device. It barely had text messaging.

They lie to you to get you to pay for the warranty by promising things like "free in-store same-day replacement" or "you'll get a brand new device that is just as functional as the device you have the warranty on" and then when it's time for them to fulfill their obligations you have to make all the concessions in order to get your device "fixed". I say "fixed" (with quotes) because to top it off now my refurb is worse than the phone I sent to get repaired... It's just bad...

I was lucky enough to have been on the "rapid replacement" list which doesn't take as much time. However if you visit their warranty customer service forums and do a search for Smartphones it's not uncommon for people to be without their Smartphones for 3-6 weeks while they're being "repaired". While the owners are stuck using some antiquated phone straight out of the 90s.
Yes, I agree 100%. I have a friend who had such bad luck with his iPod, it had problems so they took it and sent it in to be "repaired" for several weeks. He finally gets it back and something is STILL wrong with it. Due to the hassle the last time though, he is reluctant to want to go through that again. Eventually he does bring it in to get "repaired" again and once again it's sent out for multiple weeks to get fixed. They need to do this 3 or 4 times before they consider it a "Lemon" and exchange it for you.

Their Rapid Exchange list doesn't include many phones, I was surprised a phone as popular as the Epic 4G WASN'T on that list. Which means you have to deal with the whole piece of junk non-smartphone 3 yr old loaner phone for up to 3-6 weeks while they try to "fix" your old one.

Then just like you said, even if they can't fix it, they give you a gift card for the non-contract price of that phone. Look at the example below, the Epic 4G price is what the phone sold for as little as 4 months ago when my friend bought hers:

Nexus S 4G= $699 (off-contract), $150 on-contract
Epic 4G= $649 (off-contract), $250 on-contract

So she pays $250 for the Epic 4G. It gets messed up, BB can't fix it and gives her a gift card for $649 since she no longer has an upgrade and has to pay full price. She wants to get the Nexus S instead, since she paid $250 originally for the Epic 4G and the Nexus S 4G is only $150, she should in essense get $100 back right? NOPE. If she wanted the Nexus, she'd have to pay an EXTRA $50 since the Epic 4G only has a non-contract price of $649 (which is what BB gave her to buy a new phone) but the Nexus has a non-contract price of $699.

Which means if she wanted the Nexus, at the end of the day she'd have to pay $300 ($250 for Epic + $50 difference) for a phone that sells for $150. To top it all off, they still charged her sales tax on the $649, meaning even if she did an even swap she'd still have to pay out of pocket since they charged her sales tax.

I think I'll stick with the Sprint plan, less hassles if you have any problems, you get your phone basically overnight instead of 3-6 weeks, no loaners, and they also cover loss, theft and full water damage.
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