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Originally Posted by corbinator View Post
Also, and just as important, once you log back into your phone, PUT IT DOWN AND DON'T TOUCH IT!!!!!!!!!!! For at least half an hour. In an area where you get reception. If you do this, prefferably do it in the eavning, right before you go to bed, your phone settings might not repopulate, but ALL your apps will. Paid and unpayed.
I know, the itch to play is hard to resist, but resist you must!!! You have the power!! It will work, I've done it many times.

This. I'm on my 4th D2G, and I've ROMmed all of them at least once or twice, so I've done this a GOOD number of times. The apps come back, you just have to give it some time. When the phone first comes on, it is doing A LOT of stuff after your reset. If you can, just turn wifi on, and walk away for an hour, that's how I've always done it, and I get 99% of my apps back.

Also, if you use Appbrain, then you can make a list of all your apps, and any that don't get restored automatically can be restored easily through appbrain.
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