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Originally Posted by SirKronan View Post
I don't know if I could go back to an iDevice after owning a Fascinate ... even with the long wait for 2.2 it's been one heck of a fun device. The screen is simply unmatched for video and photo playback, as well as viewing angles and daylight visibility. Of course the new "plus" will be even better w/o pentile. I realize the iPhone's screen is still the highest resolution, but that resolution only benefits you in select situations, such as reading eBooks. And I don't know if I could give up google maps ...
Goog maps are of no value if your phone just shows "searching for GPS". Recently, 50% of the time it can't find my location.

Edit: I'll add that my associates iphone has an impressive video display and a camera that can take 3 superb quality pictures in the time the fascinate takes one. As much as I like the SF/Android, I am just disappointed with many issues.
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