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Hey, I'm new here (this being my first post), so sorry if I've done something wrong.

Anyways, I've been following up on this thread since it started now, and thought I might as well try and contribute too.

Start out with the Golf VI GTI - it's all about saving up cash in the start. Don't tune this car too much, just keep racing until you can afford the Lotus Elise 111s. This is definitively my favorite car, it's so simple and always works.

You'll need to invest just below 100 000 total in it, but it's worth every coin. Everything should be level 5 tuned, except for engine and exhaust. That's the fastest I can make the car go without it reaching level four, where it's under powered. Buy tuning for all cars, configuring will push it to the max, giving you some extra split seconds to win by.

Tuning should be as follows:

Nitrous Duration: 4.75s @ 63%
Final Drive: 3.400
1st Gear: 2.570
2nd Gear: 2.100
3rd Gear: 1.310
4th Gear: 1.100
5th Gear: 0.850

Go for a "perfect" race - start with a perfect launch, shift to first, second and so on perfectly. Slam the n2o as soon as you enter second. This should give you around 16 blank on the 1/2 mile and 10.38 on the 1/4 mile. I recommend using it for the 1/4 mile, unbeatable. I have a faster version, but keeping that private for now, sorry.

After that, save up enough for the 599 NR, that car's all you ever need. Upgrade fully and use the tunes/techniques already posted, they're actually really great

My cars/investments so far have been: s2000 lvl 2 (50 000)*, Lotus Elise lvl 3 (100 000), BMW m3 E92 lvl 4 (140 000)*, Porsche C GT lvl 5 (315 000)*, 599 NR lvl 7 (1 144 000), Venom GT lvl 8 (2 200 000).
*These cars are just so that I can compete "professionally" and level up.

I've also owned the Golf GTI, Skyline, Challenger, Subaru, 911, Gallardo and 16.4 SS....there's a reason I sold them. The Gallardo does good on the 1/4, but I just can't seem to tune it properly.

We play this game waaaay to much haha...
let me know if you ever see me online, my name's DragRacer (I know, boring, right?)
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