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Originally Posted by n0ct3m View Post
The problem is that everyone that plays/played WoW ends up using it as a comparison tool when trying a new game. More often than not you'll hear that X game sucks and WoW is better because it's more polished. They don't care that WoW has had 7 years to polish their game while game X is brand new. I often think that people go out of their way to find something wrong with a new launch just because it's new. People fail to realize that not having 12 million subscribers doesn't mean that the game sucks.
100% agree with you. Unfortunately, for a successful MMO, all that matters is what the players think. Every single player can have a skewed view, but if people are paying, we get more content. For that reason, new MMOs have it 100x harder than Blizzard did when they rolled out WoW. They didn't have their current WoW to compete with. Blizz is supposedly working on a new MMO. I am interested to see if WoW stomps even their own new MMO into the ground... it has for SOOOO many other MMOS.

There have been plenty of MMOs that I enjoyed at launch. LOTRO, Conan, Guild Wars, to name a few. But these games are no fun at all without a vast player base. I personally am tired of WoW, but I find myself coming back simply because there is a player base there to support me. It's no fun hopping onto a server with five people online when the only things left to do are kill creatures that take five times that number to down. The tasks within the game have literally become impossible to acheive due to a lack of players.

I should also add that I, along with others I am sure, am getting tired of buying these damn games only for them to fail a few months or years later. You are seeing more and more people wanting to get into betas just so they can see if they even like the game (without having to buy it first). They all feel jaded and don't want to invest their money and time into thigns doomed for failure.
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