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Originally Posted by Bmr4life View Post
Fun game, but it lost some of my respect.

The online racing isn't real. You're either racing a previously recorded race, or a computer. I'm leaning towards computer.

If you doubt me, just try this. Next time you're at the line, don't hit the gas pedal. The girl won't drop the flag until you do. Leave it for how ever long you want, 5, 10, 30 minutes. Then come back and race as you normally would. Your opponent will race you like they hadn't just been waiting for 30 minutes.
No doubt every game isn't raced real time.. it's kind of obvious actually, the races are measured by the thousandths of a second for christ sake. But I see no reason to assume that most matches are against computers... My guess is that the vast majority of the races are against a user's previous race.

As in: a user runs a race, that race is put into queue, and then you get online and race their recording, which leads to your race being loaded into queue. There may be a computer race every now and then to keep things going smoothly, but I'm sure nearly every race (especially those against an opponent with usernames), are authentic in the sense that the other user did indeed run the race.

That's my theory anyways I am curious to know the truth though.
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