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Originally Posted by avirex View Post
I did some research, and what I found out about this device is that its using a hacked version of Android 2.2 that was customized to work on this device. Problem is once Android 3.1 comes out it probably wont work on this. Is there an upgrade option in the settings? I have my doubts, everyone who I talked to said I'll be at the mercy of the Chinese manufacturer so if they stop making updates we'll be stuck with the old and potentially buggy software.
I am not sure about hacked version of android 2.2 as to my understanding Google has released android under open license free for all use that is why android is so popular among equipment manufacturers.

you are correct in saying that eventually android version 3.1 or higher would be released rendering most of the new coming applications useless to be used with this unit, but that is true for every other android equipment as well I have a HTC desire HD dependent on updates from HTC as and when they wish to release it. as for the upgrade option it is mentioned in their manual the upgrade is possible through SD card and i think it will be similar to Flytouch 3 pad upgrade process , this is also mentioned in the manufacturer website at the bottom of the following link under firmware upgrade

I bought this unit along with superpad 3 flytouch 3 android pad, for flytouch 3 I have found excellent support from forums such as this and others with modified roms /os which enhances buggy and sloppy job the Chinese manufacturer did and now for the price of US $145 I have a very nice android pad working with applications with no complaints unfortunately for this unit that is android TV there is no such support or forum though it is similar to flytouch3 in fact so much so that they say hardware is almost same and I have not come across any problem so far with this unit in terms of operation or installing software as oppose to flytouch 3 eventually I hope that they would be enough users of this unit then we can have a similar online support such as ROM updates etc. which should cover any future updates of android operating system.

Frankly speaking I only paid US$127 plus shipment for this unit and so far it is very well worth the price I've been buying media players for my TV for about four years now I have currently five useless fully working media players lying around which I have no use of now as this unit supersedes all of them not to mention that I have taken my children away from wii and hooked on this unit to play their games as they can install any type of game whenever they want so overall I'm quite happy with it (as i save a bundle buying/renting wii games) let's see what the future holds but to my point of view I foresee there would be a flood of similar equipment or perhaps better than this unit in the market as this will catch on as opposed to the smart TV offering by Samsung and Sony which are very limited in the offering of applications and usability of the device for multiple purposes and this is the cheaper way infect much cheaper way to make your "dumb" LCD LED TV smart
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