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Originally Posted by dmesg View Post
A Question to the Viber developers:

Why did you have to write your own iphone-like dialer? Wasn't it possible to add one more dial method to contacts, so any dialer can use Viber (similarly to what skypeout does)?

On iphone with its lousy dialer such implementation might be a good idea, but on android I prefer to use superior alternatives (dialer one, touchpal to name a few), and definitely not something so iphoney looking like what you did.
It is something we considered before developing Viber-for-Android, but at decided that at this stage we keep the simple dialer.
Implementing advanced feature to Viber's dialer isn't as simple as it sounds. It doesn't mean it will never be added, it just means that currently, when it's still Beta, it won't be available yet.

Make a request (and have your friends do the same) at our official page. The more people join in, the faster features will be added to the app: Viber Beta Support
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