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Originally Posted by dylo22 View Post
Well in that case, then we should put Bonds on the list. I mean we don't have prove right? Remember Bonds took straight up steroids which has a more noticeable effect. Lance was accused of blood doping which is an endurance enhancing drug that isn't physically noticeable. In either case, it is still cheating.

My problem with Lance is, why are there suspicion in the first place? If he really did what he did by his own talent and skill, then there shouldn't be any accusations. I mean nobody ever accused Gretzky, Jordan or Federer for taking PEDs.

Now in Lance's defense, I do think that most of the top cyclists were taking some sort of peds. Cycling is just as dirty as baseball was a few years ago. The difference is, the stuff they take are much harder to detect.
I was referring to the doubt that has been shrouded over Bonds.
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