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Default 12.42x 599

Originally Posted by Evildawn View Post
Im still messin.around with the venom myself BUT I do have a treat for you all :-)

After a couple hours of.tuning I finally got my 599 to run constant 12.420's sooo im going to release my old 12.440 tune for the public use.

Ferrari 599 Novitec Rosso
Nitrous : 135%
Final Drive : 2.005
1st : 3.322
2nd : 2.662
3rd : 2.098
4th : 1.732
5th : 1.467
6th : 1.283

This is an over rev tune in other words floor the sucker on theline don't waste time getting a good/perfect launch they will slow u down. As soon as the race starts shift into second. When done properly u will receive a perfect shift. Ride second gear out (RESISIT THE URGE TO SHIFT EARLY) second gear will take a moment. As soon as you shift into third use the juice every millisecond counts here. Shift into 4th and then 5th as you please DO NOT shift into 6th gear EVER! ride 5th all the way to.the finish even when your little red light comes on do not shift over 5th gear.

Enjoy :-)
I've just managed to get 12.41x! As such, thought I'd share my previous 12.42x configuration.
NOS - 2.65s
Final - 2.005
1st - 3.206
2nd - 2.646
3rd - 2.148
4th - 1.836
5th - 1.623
6th - 1.453

Again, this is max rev start. Change to 2nd at 50, then the rest all perfect shifts. Fire NOS as soon as hitting 3rd gear. Enjoy, and if anyone beats 12.416, let me know, so I can carry on fine tuning my setup.

This should save many people a few hours...
There is a better tune requiring a perfect start, but can't get that often enough, and without the perfect start only runs 12.44x.
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