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Originally Posted by dylo22 View Post
We might have to scratch Lance armstrong off this list. Cheaters don't count.
Ah yes the great debate. Its like in baseball if a juiced pitcher is pitching to a juiced hitter who is cheating who? If a doped cyclist beats another doped cyclist who cheated whom?
Now it does not take much to draw the conclusion that Lance was enhanced or Bonds or frankly almost any athlete in that era. Only the undereducated are naive enough to think that PED's don't or didn't transcend most sports including things like golf and tennis. Where again only the undereducated fail to see how and why they would be used.
But still I return to the point of indifference on the subject. Since virtually everyone was doing it, to me the playing field was/is level. We must remember the purpose of professional sports/games/athletics is to win. That's all that matters. If you can gain a competitive edge thru any means you do. Whether its thru equipment, a better car, a better club, a better racket or thru personal enhancement you gotta do what you gotta do. Across sports guys/teams are always bending the rules till they break. If you don't push the envelope then [here's a play on words for ya] you are cheating yourself.
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