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Originally Posted by eyebeam View Post
Different pics, as I think you noticed. I just named them the same as the others (That folder with your stuff is getting pretty huge! ). I don't know if you're aware that I'm partially color blind (red-green as it happens). So, I'll see what I can do about the color when I can get the wife to help me out. She's busy doing some major baking now, so maybe later tonight, maybe tomorrow evening.
yea I do recall seeing it mentioned a few times....hence me pointing out where the original colour is compared to the 'off' colour, to help you out...

though saying that if you did do something different between the two sets of pics...I hope *IM* not going colour blind....cos that will suck..I alreayd wear glasses as it is...I don't need another nail in that coffin lol

but anyways...whenever you get round to it is fine with me man...and yea your right..I think its like 24 pictures now on my phone JUST of created walls....oh wait...2 are actually MY creations....the early versions of andy behind a dock kinda thing....then I came here cos well...they
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