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Originally Posted by dylo22 View Post Golf? That's a stretch. You seriously think phil michelson, anthony kim, lee westwood are juicing up? Golf is a mental game more than a physical one. Even if one do juice up, it would only help with driving and that only a small part of the game.

That's a very big assumption. Even though I think cycling is a dirty sport, that doesn't mean there aren't any cyclists who are clean and can compete at a high level.

I understand why athelete try to gain competitive advantage. It's just apart of fact it's apart of competition in general. I don't have a problem with that. What I do have problem with are those that try to gain competitive advantage by breaking rules. Even with equipments there are regulations. You can't use anything you want. The equipment has to fall within some boundary.
Terrific points. Im not so sure we actually disagree with each other just maybe looking at the same issue from slightly different angles.

As far as ped's in golf. I'd say Tiger 100% used both steroids and hgh. Now he did it very correctly and based on my knowledge of the subject he used the perfect combo and doses for golf. There is a steroid called masteron, a testosterone derivative. Its is widely used in mma because it enables one to get physically stronger without weight gain or significant muscle mass bulking. The classic side effect is male pattern baldness and if you've ever seen Tiger with the cap off, its looks a lot like masteron induced hairloss. Its true Tiger hasnt gained a ton of bodyweight since he turned pro but his strength to weight ratio is up moderately from 10-12 years ago. I mean shoot the guy is purported to bench press 350lbs. As you mentioned above how many golfers can do that. How many guys who weigh 185lbs can bench press 350lbs naturally? Further masteron has a known condition for boosting the male sex drive since after all it is merely a testosterone derivative. Few would argue against Tiger having an active sex drive in recent years.
As for hgh also seems like a no brainer. In the era up till around 2007-2008 Tiger was supremely dominate but around 08 they did start testing golfers. And look at him since. The injuries in the last 3 years mounting. His driving distance avg lower in 2009 and 2010 compared with 2007 and earlier? I mean look at pictures of his face and head circa 2000 vs present day. Like Barry Bonds and others you can see his forehead literally grew, classic HGH telltale. The drugs were in addition to giving him performance edge also a recovery edge. Now granted its said there is no accurate HGH test but my hunch is that Tiger gave up the HGH sometime around that same 08-09 era. Rest assured had he been on HGH it would have done wonders for his knees.

Granted all the above is speculative conjecture, however its very easy to connect the dots when you know a thing or two about a thing or two.
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