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Originally Posted by kyler13 View Post
And you're not absorbing everything I said. I KNOW Samsung has an AMOLED display that's HVGA (480x320) on the Behold, but ..again.. it's 3.2". So ..again.. now you're talking about a phone not wholly different from the Eris, but rather say a "next gen" Eris/Hero. Why again would Verizon canabalize Eris sales with something "slightly" better spec-wise when they won't even release the Nexus One any time soon to compete with Moto Droid sales? It's okay to have your own theories, I'm just pointing out the gaping holes.

Yeah, but what is your argument? I already know that as well, meaning I KNOW that the Samsung Behold is 3.2". I never said that it wasn't. I just pointed out that it (the Behold) is 480x320, which you agreed to. I never said anything about Verizon. So, you are asking me a loaded question on multiple levels. And another thing, the Verizon doesn't even have the Nexus One, so to speculate about a device supplanting a device that Verizon doesn't even have yet is like speculating on a rumor which only exists on the basis of another rumor.
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