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Originally Posted by princealyy View Post
Just thought I would update this thread a bit, basically I sent back the new battery that was having the same separation problem (as per instructions from seidio) and am still waiting for a replacement (well over 1 week since I sent them back their defective battery) ...

Also i know this has been discussed on the forum before, but my backplate is starting to give me more trouble that before, in the past people had mentioned how the sides of backplate do not sit flush to the phone like the original backplate that came with the phone, now the backplate falls right off the phone, with little to no effort. I decided to turn the phone over and see what the problem was, and here it is:

The Seidio case comes with the same number of clips to attach to the body of the phone, however it seems as though the clips have a slightly different angle, which makes it harder for the phone to stay fully flush (basically one side will always lift slightly off the phone). When the back case isnt full flush you can hear and audible click when applying pressure on that side of the case, which means the clip is connecting with the back of the phone, but then it is coming off of it.

Here is where my problem comes in, the bottom of the phone has two clips, and as the back plate has been coming off the phone and being re attached, it has loosened and fallen off. Now the bottom of the phone has nothing to attach to, and the sides NEVER attaching properly, the back plate seems to have nothing to attach to and seems to come off constantly...

Now I know a lot of people are going to say I may have dropped the phone, etc. But I assure you this phone has NEVER been dropped, and there is not a single scratch on this phone so that is clearly not the problem here.

Any ideas Seidio?? There is a review on Amazon that states that the backplate has been redesigned... is that true?? Please help, I have been a VERY loyal customer and telling anyone that will listen how great your products are (I can't remember owning a phone without a Seidio extended battery on it)
We haven't had this issue with the battery separating, but we have sent out your replacement along with the battery door. The battery has not been redesigned but when we produced the larger capacity (3300mAh), the felt pad was removed from the inside. Please see the PM I have sent you.

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