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Originally Posted by ONJFan View Post
SOOO, do you remember when I posted on this thread WAY back when I wrote a friendly email to Amazon about their app store telling them I love the new app store but it would be nice if they implemented a 2 step buying process to prevent customers from accidentially buying apps in error?? They wrote back and thanked me for my input and that they would send it along for review in future. I hope others here also sent an email for this.

Well, they indeed listened. Android central just reported Amazon app store has an update to their app store to include this feature. How cool is it that they are listening to the customers? It's a rare thing in this day and age. lol

Amazon Appstore receives minor update -- compability fixes, two step purchasing | Android Central
This is great news. I personally never had a problem with it, but that isn't to say that I would not have accidentally bought something in the future. It seems quite a few companies are listening to the Android community lately.

Heard about MOTO and HTC finally unlocking bootloaders? Glad the community is growing fast enough that companies are starting to have to listen to us!

PS... I intentionally did not include links to the bootloader stories to try to keep the thread on topic.
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