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Hey folks, my VegaN is starting to get really borky and everything is FCing all over the place. Short of a complete data wipe, any ideas? Maybe wipe Dalvik in Recovery?

And if THAT doesn't work, there is a stable release of CM7 that I want to install but xda warns to ONLY use CWMod .8 doing it. I have an earlier version of CWMod. Can I just flash the new CWMod in the old recovery and it will reflash it? How does THAT work? If not, how to I get from Point A to Point B here?

EDIT: NVM, stupid me booted into recovery and I AM running bekit's CWMod 0.8. I'm such a friggin' genius sometimes LOL BUT... the Dalvik wipe didn't work. Everything still FCs so I guess the next step is a complete data wipe and start from scratch on VegaN, unless you guys can think if something else that could be causing this...


EDIT AGAIN: Yep, it took a data wipe/factory reset to set all things right. Sadly, even though I logged into the Tablet's gmail account, none of the apps reinstalled... no big deal, just an inconvenience. So all is well with the daughter's tablet again. For now

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