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I hate this phone.

First, about 30 to 40% of the time voicemails are the only thing letting me know I got a phone call. For example, I get a voice-mail all of a sudden. I listened to it, and what do you know, the voice-mail says that the it was placed by the caller a few hours ago (i.e. i didnt get the call) or the day before. This morning I got a voice-mail from the day before.

The 4G and the internet in general freeze up or don't work.

To make matters worse, it seems that the internet application also freeze up.

Also, I have trouble answering phone calls when my phone rings alerting me of a phone call. For example, the phone rings, I attempt to answer the phone and it freezes up. The screen freezes up when I attempt to answer. I don't get to answer my phone, and my freezes on the answer screen.

Furthermore, I wanted to check the freeway status before getting on one day. I know you will not believe me, but, the Optimus has a better fidelity in showing traffic on the google maps than the Indulge, which is suppose to be a 4G phone!

What I have done to try and fix the problem?

I called in to Metro and they told me that the service in my area was working and had not reports of any problems. I told him that despite what he saw on his comp my phone has continued with the problems.

Also, the representative told me that I should be checking the other carriers whom call me whether their service is working. He was shifting the blame on their crappy service/phone on other carriers, HA!.

FYI. Metro does not claim to have responsibility for their phones malfunctioning. They expect you to pay the $30 dollars to replace and to try to resolve the problem. They don't waive the charge if you weren't responsible for the malfunction. Also, they claim the METRO ONLY PROVIDES SERVICE FOR THE PHONE. The representative told me that THEY ARE NOT A PHONE MANUFACTURER, thus could not be blamed, or expected to provide another phone without charge.

I use to have ATT and they were good about backing their phones when it came to malfunctions.

Note: I have not replaced my indulge. I am trying to figure out what to do by reading this forums. It seems that the users of this forum have not been able to anything else but sell the phone to the highest bidder. Does anyone know how I can get rid of the phone some other way other than selling it on Craigslist or some other way?
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