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I'm kinda giving up on this device...I think I'll just sell it to someone on Craigslist or something. The problems that I have with it are below:
-Not easy to get Android Market on it (not the Chinese one, the one that comes standard on American Android devices)
-Not easy to root (not too much information is out there on the web for this device)
-Touchscreen was scratched when I got it and it doesn't respond to body heat like other touchscreens do
-Turns itself on every now and then even though I haven't touched it
-It's really bulky
-Buttons are pretty cheaply made and seem easy to break
-Not enough mega-pixels in camera for me
-Battery is terrible
-Wifi turns itself off and there's no easy way to turn it back on
-Some of the options are in Chinese and can't be made for any other language, such as English

Now it does have some good features but all of these combined really isn't what I had in mind. I could deal with a few of these, but this is too much for me and the part about not having any support from anyone else really is not something that I like.

Some of the things I do like about it are:
-Since it's a legit version of Android, you can install real Android apps from the SD card that you get from the market in .apk format
-USB and Ethernet adapter was something that I really liked
-Wifi and 3G were nice features but I did have a few problems with each
-Nice widgets and nice lockscreen
-Nice blue LED
-Liked having two slots for SD card, one for traditional micro SD and another for camera SD (EDIT: Doesn't have two but one SD card slot for traditional SD cards like those that come from our phones.)
-Has Bluetooth? (Can't remember if it does or not)
-a few others that are minors on my list

For someone who doesn't care about the stuff listed above, this will be a good tablet for them for a good price. For me, it's not. I'll sell it and go buy a Samsung Galaxy or something.

Thanks for the help, tips, and information though guys.
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