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Default How to Root, Uninstall Bloatware, and de-activate moto-blur for Motorola Flipside

How to Root, Uninstall Bloatware, and de-activate moto-blur for Motorola Flipside (*superAlpha*)
Flipside Hacks
I am NOT responsible for any damage (such as your phone bricking). I am just providing you with what I did to my phone.
*** ALL work done on the Bloatware removal list has be done by me (Bootlessxfly)***
UPDATED 6/2/11
reorginized and expanded the list(tell me what you think)
added remove motoblur through freeze method
added future Remove list goals.
I. Things to know before we start

• The Flipside has respectable hardware that can rival an iPhone 3gs in power.
Hardware specs:
 Processor: TI OMAP 2310 @ 720 MHz.
 RAM- 512 MB
 ROM- 512MB
• Currently this guide only includes how to root the device and how to remove bloat ware.
• I currently have a partial list of AT&T bloat ware and what they do. As time goes on this list will grow. Soon I am hoping to have a complete list that includes the components of Moto blur you can remove while still having a functional phone.
• I want to have a custom recovery, some custom roms, overclock kernel, ext partition support. Apps2sd in my opinion is severally needed.

II.How to root your Flipside.
• This is a pretty simple procedure. Currently there is no Custom Recovery, no Custom ROMS available, no overclock kernel, and no support for ext partition (this also means no app2sd).You can still underclock your processor. I am slowly working on a recovery, however, I am inexperienced.

• You will need to download several items. The links and descriptions are below:
1. Sideload WonderMachine- this will allow you to install apps to you flipside via your computer.
Android Central Sideload Wonder Machine v. 1.2 - Android Forums
2. Z4 root- This is the app that we will use sideload to put on your Flipside. This offer a permanent root of your phone.
[APP] z4root - xda-developers
3. Motorola device drivers- use moto-helper to get the most update drivers.
USB and PC Charging Drivers - Motorola Mobility, Inc. USA

***Go ahead and install moto helper and install the latest device drivers.

Root the Flipside.
1. Plug your phone in. Make sure debugging mode for the flipside is enabled. Also make sure that “memory card access” is enabled.
2. Now install sideload wonder machine(file found above.)Once installed run the program. I installed mine in to the c drive
3. Click the “choose apk” button. Browse till you find your z4root.apk file (download also available above) and select it.
4. Once selected, click the install button (this will only work if your phone is plugged in. Wait for it to finish.
5. Now scroll through your application list and run Z4root. Press permanently root. (Some newer version have temporary root. If you only want a temporary root find this version of z4root.) Your phone will restart. DO NOT DISTURB IT.
o Congragulations!!! You’re Motorola Flipside should now be rooted. If not please let me now.

III. Getting rid of AT&T Bloat ware
• I have found little information about this for the Flipside on the web. I use Titanium back-up to remove and back up my apps. There is also a method called freezing witch is much safer. To do this for free I installed the application “Root Uninstaller” from the market. I used the root uninstaller to freeze my apps. Then I used Titanium backup to defrost them. Both of these apps are available for free on the android market.

Instructions for Removal
1. First we need to download Titanium backup from the android market (go ahead and install root uninstaller free if you want freeze).
2. Now go to titanium and backup all your apps. Without a custom recovery I find the best way to do this is with Titanium Backup. Inside Titanium click on the “Backup/Restore” tab. Click the icon on your flipside with the 4 squares with one of them shaded. Click “batch” from the new list of commands.
3. Now click “backup all system data.” Click select-all and run the batch operation. Let it run until it is finished.
4. Now it is time to uninstall the useless applications AT&T has given us. To do this go back to the backup/restore tab. Scroll the apps and click on the one to remove. Then, in the pop up menu, select “un-install !”. I have a list of apps that I have found safe to uninstall.

• Note that I am not responsible for any damages to phone.

**New Organized removal list**

* i have organized the removal section into several different list. These are as followed:
**AT&T Bloatware- these are the completly useless apps at&t put on the phone. you dont need them so why keep them.

**Non-bloatware app removal- these are apps that some people may need and others dont

**Motoblur removal- this removes enough motoblur components to deactivate it. I will ideintify more motoblur components to remove later.[Experimental]
**Apps that can be removed and replaced [coming soon]

*AT&T Bloatware list
Mobile Banking 4.1.3
MobiTV 3.2.0
AT&T Address Book 1.0.0
AT&T Wi-Fi Hotspots
Mobile video 1.0.0
AT&T Radio
AT&T Music 1.2.0
AT&T Navigator 1.75
AT&T Maps
Where 1.9.6
Vlingo Voice 1.5
AT&T FamilyMap 1.0
YP mobile 1.0.1

*Non-Bloatware removal list
Gmail- if you dont use your gmail account then you can go ahead and delete these 3 files.
*Gmail 1.3
*Gmail Storage 2.1-update1
*Email 2.1-update
Im app- there are better IM apps available on the market. Search around if you want one.
*IM 02.00
*Imoffline Services2.1-update1
Pre-installed Wallpapers
*Live Wallpaper Picker 2.1-update1(this removes the apps from the wallpaper widget)
*Android live wallpapers 2.1-updtae1
*magic smoke wallpaper 2.1-update1
*music visualization wallpapers 2.1-update1
Messaging app (this will still leave you with a text messaging app)
* messages 2.1-update(remove both copies if there are 2)
*Universal Inbox 2.1-update1
Talk App(if this isnt done right it will mess up your market.
*Note that Google Talk Storage 2.1-update1 can only be uninstalled if motoblur is uninstalled. Since the only instructions I have for removing motoblur is through freezing the selected apps I would suggest that you also only freeze this app. DO NOT REMOVE IF MOTOBLUR IS STILL ACTIVE. Freeze Account 2.1-update1 and you can uninstall the google talk storage file.
*Google Talk Service 1.3- causes no problems
*Talk 1.3
*Talkback 1.0.2
*** The last thre mentioned apps can be removed with no problems.
Home 2.1-update1- DO NOT UNINSTALL THIS. All you can do with this is freeze it. You would only need to do this if you wanted to use a different launcher.
I will continue to add on to this list.

*How to remove motoblur[Experimental]
ALL credits for this go to bootlessxfly
This, as far as I can tell, does not uninstall every part of motoblur,however, it does uninstall enough of it to make it deactivated on your phone. Deactivating Motoblur like this will cause your email app, messaging app, and universal inbox to stop working. A new email app can be found on market. I havnt looked for a email client cause I dont use it. Gmail and all the other apps including text messaging is working. I havnt had any glitches yet, But ill see how that goes. Follow these instructions:
1. Once motoblur is deactivated, youll have no contacts. So we need to copy them to your sim. Go to the Android Market and search for contact2sim. Install and run it. Once loaded make sure your phone(the left tab) is selected. Click the 4 square button and then click copy missing to sim.
2.Once thats done, its time to uninstall the apps. You can either freeze the apps or remove them. Freezing the app is safer, but uninstalling it opens up space. If you use the unistall method there is one app (blur.res 2.1-update1) that cant be uninstalled. Either freeze it or leave it be.
UnInstall it.
*messaging 2.1-update1(delete both if there are two)--- this app will become useless once moto-blur is deactivated.
*Email 2.1-update1(do NOT uninstal email engine)---this app will also become useless
*Universal Inbox 2.1-update1—as again here
*Accounts 2.1-update1
*Accounts-storage 2.1-update1
*blur.res 2.1-update1(freeze this one if you can, other wise leave alone. Every other file is to be uninstaled)
*Contacts Unconnected 2.1-update1
*Motoblur Calender Services 2.1-update1
*Motoblur Megamaid 2.1-update1
*Motoblur services 2.1-update1
*Motoblur Social Sharing 2.1-update1
*Motoblur Storage Monitor 2.1-update1
*New 2.1-update1
*Social Messaging 2.1-update1
*Social Messaging Service 2.1-update1
*Social Networking 2.1-update1
*Social Status 2.1-update1
*Toggle widgets 2.1-update
** if you remove motoblue then you should remove the message app also since all youlll need is an text messaging app.
** If you dont use gmail uninstall it and uninstall the google talk storage 2.1-update1.
In the near future I will have a more extensive list with a way to restore you flipside to its original state.
Comment and help my guide.
Also, I need any one wanting to help make a custom recovery for the flipside.
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