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Did you buy an Indulge?

Do you like it?
I love it. It is my first smartphone and it has caused an obsession for me in terms of the Android OS and my future job. Tomorrow I start working for Verizon as a indirect sales rep. Sadly, in a month I will no longer be using my Indulge because that's when my Verizon plan kicks in. I'm going with it's cousin, the Droid Charge.
But the Indulge is great and I've done some side-by-sides with other top phones and not only have I had no regrets, in a lot of cases I much more pleased.

What are you doing with it?
Dropbox, music player, GPS nav, audio recording and editing, comic book reading, standard web browsing, watch TV shows, taking pictures, video recording, display customizing, Bluetooth (no more numb hands from holding the phone), there's more that I can't think of and more I'm looking into.

Do you regret buying it?
My only regret will be having to sell it. I'm actually thinking of keeping it for sentimental value and maybe as a reference device, for I am learning to code apps.

How does it compare to your previous phone?
I had the Craft and it was DISGUSTING!

Did you get any accessories? Which ones?
On the day of purchase I got the car charger, two screen protectors, Samsung Bluetooth HM3500, Mobo clip-on belt pouch and the red and black case. A few weeks later I got the Acron [sic] windsheild car mount and clear case, which fell apart. Then I got a navy blue Mobo case which is very handsome.

What Apps do you plan on loading onto it?
I have a bunch...Bank of America, Firefox, Dolphin HD, Dr Who Soundboard, DIY Ownskin, Widgetlocker, Superuser, Root Manager,, Amazon Mp3, xda, Phandroid, HowardForums, AnyCut, Google Sky Map, Tape Machine, Bump, Comic X, Super Manager, TV Now, Reset Connections, Quadrant Standard, ShootMe, Yahoo Mail, Battery Solo Widget, and a few more and more to come. There were a bunch that sucked that I uninstalled.

P.S. A few days ago I removed my screen protector cause it was smudged and scratched and it reinvigorated my love for the phone. The screen is very nice. It's no Super AMOLED but it's more than fine by me. It's a stealthy ninja now.
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