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Originally Posted by tliebeck View Post
This is awesome!

It's not quite playable yet on my Droid though. Particle effects (e.g. firing the blaster) and explosions/fire seem to drop the framerte to around 1 or 2 per second (it shows 5). Whens such effects are not onscreen, it's incredibly smooth and playable, e.g. 40fps. Tried ending all tasks, then rebooting the phone, turning all sync/wifi off...doesn't seem to help.

Have a blinking F1 light and don't know how to press F1. (Been so long since I played Q2 that I don't even remember what it's for).

I can't seem to get free look to work with the accelerometer. I forget if this requires a custom config in Q2 or not? I'd like to have it function like a modern game, i.e., mouse (accelerometer) controls pitch/yaw and arrows control walking/strafing fore/back/left/right.

In any case, very impressed with what you've done so far!
I agree. On my Galaxy, if there is no "effects" like shooting, fire, enemy, fps rises to about 25. Since Galaxy has only 128mb, when I start it without preparations in task manager, during the play the are tones of boring messages popups like "pure messenger widget stop working" and such.
This is actually a good thing. It shows that android can recognize priorities and turn off those inactive apps to gain some memory.
God bless google!!! ;-)
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