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Default stock Android VS. Sense

(Just thought I'd share this...)
I got my wife the HTC Desire S. I decided to let her use it (as opposed to me taking it and give her my N1.) Here are some impressions:

Physical aspect: The Desire S is a LOT like the N1, very similar in size, only slightly lighter and no trackball. I've been using Light Flow and I actually kinda like the trackball, plus I find it useful when typing. (I think I like 3.7" screens; 4.3, for example is just too big for a phone as far as I'm concerned.)

Response: the desire S seems just a tad more responsive than the N1 (I'm talking about screen gestures). It felt faster, but probably because it didn't have anything installed, so no services were running.

  • I like some features, like the "flip-to-shut-up" feature, the fact that if it starts ringing it goes more quiet when you pick it up, stuff like that. Nice!
  • I'm not crazy about the Facebook thing. Sense is just a Facebook overdose. Facebook, facebook, facebook. Everything is facebook. (Yes, I know you can disable all the syncs.)
  • I like the lateral screen lock and phone answer over the vertical Sense gestures.
  • The Desire S didn't come with a microSD card, and I threw in my old 4Gb one that came with the N1. In the SD card settings there was no option to format it.
  • Deleting contacts requires extra steps on Sense. (You have to click on the contact, hit Edit, then menu and then delete as opposed to long-pressing a contact and then selecting Delete.)
  • Sense has groups of contacts (e.g. family, friends...). The Moto V8 I had before the N1 had that and I do miss the feature.
  • Sense seems to be obsessed with weather. The irony is, if you're somewhere where you can't look out the window (or go outside) to see what the weather is like, then perhaps the weather is altogether irrelevant. Sure the sun/cloud/rain icons are cute, but seriously...

Toying with Sense made me want to root my phone and try a custom ROM that has the both of both worlds. I'm considering it now more than ever.
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