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Razz, appreciate the effort so far, but this is by no means as simple as you make it out to be. I already had Outlook Connector setup in Outlook, but I had my Hotmail account setup as a POP3 account, so it wasn't syncing to Windows Live. I changed that and deleted the POP3 account on my Android phone and created an Exchange-based account per the instructions. I don't want my e-mails syncing to my phone by default, so I did not set that up. I also don't need my calendar to sync to Windows Live since I have a plug-in in Outlook that syncs the calendar to my phone without having to go to the cloud first. Why M$ doesn't do the same for contacts is beyond me. Anyway, contacts is the only thing I want to sync from Outlook to the phone. Although I have that checked on my phone, I can't figure out how to get Outlook to sync to Windows Live. I copied all my contacts from my default phone book to the newly created Windows Live phonebook, but there's no command or setting in Outlook or in Windows Live to actually cause a sync to happen. Any ideas?

EDIT: OK, apparently Outlook finally synced with Windows Live and all my contacts are now there. Unfortunately, Windows Live has not synced with my phone and I have no idea why or how to force a sync. Within the contact app I click on Sync SNS, but nothing happens. I have a few contacts in Outlook that are not on my phone and vice versa, so I'll know when it actually does sync. In the settings for the Hotmail account on the phone I have Contacts checked, but I am not syncing my calendar or my e-mail. Does e-mail syncing need to be on for the other items to sync?
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