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Originally Posted by gu1dry View Post
I was trying to get Deca to get the Shift when he picked up his new phone. CM on the NS4G could use Deca's support though.

My buddy (who also had a HeroC as long as me) just picked up the NS4G & is loving it. I'm tossed between the Shift, NS4G (wasn't considering it till mu buddy gone one) or the SGS2 when it comes to Sprint, but I will require CM support, which is unknown at this point with the SGS2 phones...
nah nemith has joeykrim, netarchy and spiicytuna all helping. afaik the only things need to be done are make a cm7 kernel for it (they currently use the aosp based one from google) 4g toggle, and sprintmenu.apk

the sprint within seems very promising but due to unseen events i was forced back to my heroc without an sdcard.. it was just torture :P hence why i didnt just wait it out for the nexus 3. the shift is a good phone but honestly at this point i wouldnt consider it much of an option, you know toast is going to get cm on the evo3d the ns4g has what honestly could be considered a stable. who knows tho with the new developments on cm7 on the epic i wouldnt be surprised if cm supported the sgs2 fully due to the rising samsung devs

carben i told you to stop spamming earlier.. if you cant figure out a 1 click or on how to click on the link in my sig that says prevail then you really prolly shouldnt be rooting...
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