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Originally Posted by lordofthereef View Post
Some of you may have read about me selling my truck. I found a buyer at my asking price and he asked me what form of payment I wanted. He suggested a cashier's check straight from his bank.

The question is what is safest?

I have never sold a car before (that's not true, I sold a car to my girlfriend's mom, but that was smooth sailing and I obviously know her). Would I go with him to my bank and have them process my cashier's check? The guy seems honest and I have no real reason NOT to trust him except that it seems it's hard to trust anybody these days.

Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.
I have a dear friend that received a nice $3,000.00 "cashier's check" from someone who bought her antique desk. The check was bad. These days, I would never trust a cashier's check unless I know and trust the person that presented it.

If you go to the bank with the buyer and the bank issues you a check and you SEE them issue a check, then you should not have a problem. However, make sure you go into the bank with the buyer because for all you know, the buyer might simply walk around the bank for a bit and hand you a bogus check that was not issued by the bank.

Luck to ya, Bob
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