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Did you buy an Indulge?
Yes I bought an indulge after being lied to about their blackberry being able to play pandora. Only other option was the indulge.

Do you like it?
NO! biggest waste of money. 4G worked ok for 2 days tops and then gets worse over time until no more 4G and only sometimes 1X.

What are you doing with it?
I took it back to the store and down graded to a real smart phone that actually works.
Do you regret buying it?
Yes I do. I spent way to much time on putting up with Metros excusses.

How does it compare to your previous phone?
If you wanted to pay the 400 for the phone to work for a week tops like it should then the phone was way better then my previous. But if i want a reliable phone that is consistant and good then it doesnt even rate on a scale of 1 to 10 with my previouse phone.

Did you get any accessories? Which ones?
A hard case which clips on but broke with in one week do to the many times the battery has to be pulled. 10 times worse then a blackberry. Other then that they really dont offer anything else for the stupid phone (indulge).

After 3 months after starting with metro. I went thru 3 indulges, many hours of time wasted calling customer support, and numerous trips to the store. I finally walked away from the indulge. I went back to the blackberry 8530, had it sold in less then a week, and moved onto a different carrier.

Metro is so stupid that they gave me so many months of free service on my 3 phones the Indulge phone service was free for 3 months. And one of the other phones had 2 of the 3 months paid free. And then the blackberry I was able to get 100 for it once they down graded me.

So when it was all done and said I didnt even pay for the indulge. Metro paid me to test the phone for 3 months.

For anyone who reads this. Run from metro before getting involved with them.
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