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Originally Posted by Still.Dead View Post
I'm confused.

I would certainly say you are - either that or enjoy flogging a dead horse.

You obviously refuse to listen to, or are misunderstanding what people are telling you.

you don't seem to 'get' it

I can draw pictures if you like...
Wow! I'm trying to help people, for free, and you're being incredibly rude (to put it nicely).

I'm sure it's quite clear to you what you mean, but it's not clear to me because you failed to mention ANY of the details about your corporate email system! I don't know if you're using POP, IMAP, Exchange, or something else. (So I guessed at POP based on the sparse information you provided.) I don't know what policies your IT department has implemented. You still haven't told me any of that stuff. But for some reason you insult me as though I'm an idiot for not knowing the details of your particular corporate IT environment. Wow!

If you can't remotely access email or your IT department puts unusual restrictions on your remote access, bummer for you and your coworkers. If the Hotmail solution doesn't work for you, too bad. If you read my original post, you'll see that I proposed the Hotmail solution primarily as a free way to synchronize contacts and calendar without an Exchange server, not as a way to overcome the limitations imposed by every conceivable corporate IT system. I've worked for several high-tech companies here in Silicon Valley, big & small, including a defense contractor, all of whom had world-class cyber-security and extremely valuable, crown-jewel-intellectual property on their servers, and all of whom enabled remote email access, usually through an Exchange Server. I dare say that's the norm. But I guess since you have such limited technical knowledge and experience, you think everybody is supposed to know what you mean when you write "corporate email". And that's fine. I can understand that you have limited technical knowledge but I can't understand your rudeness.
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