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Originally Posted by tboned View Post
Thanks for posting the info that you did. Ignore all the haters.
Yeah, I'm done wasting my time with that hater. Fortunately, of the 2500 viewers so far, only one has complained and insulted me because he/she drew illogical inferences and is unable to articulate his/her specific situation like an adult. But 1:2500 is a pretty good ratio for the Internet!
Originally Posted by tboned View Post

No matter how many times and in different ways I add the Hotmail account to Outlook 2010, the new account never shows its own unique calendar and contacts. There's inbox and such, but no contacts/calendar.

In my current .pst I have several email accounts all feeding into it, so I only have one "inbox", showing emails from several accounts. Do you think that having my Outlook setup like this is causing the problem? I *really* like your solution here, but I'm stuck. Have you seen this behavior (no calendar/contacts) in your testing?
Hmmm... I've added 3 "Hotmail" (actually 1 Hotmail & 2 Live Mail) accounts to Outlook 2010 on my desktop PC and to Outlook 2010 on my laptop PC. I've added a Hotmail account to my wife's Outlook 2007 desktop PC and her Outlook 2003 laptop PC. In all cases, the "Hotmail" accounts appeared on the left sidebar ("Navigation Pane") of Outlook, and "within" those Hotmail accounts are account-specific folders for Inbox, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Journal, Sent Mail, etc. Those folders have the same icons as their counterparts in the Outlook data file. (So for example, a calendar folder/icon looks like a miniature calendar). I don't funnel email from multiple accounts into one inbox but I doubt that's the problem because if you're using "rules" to do that, I think those rules only apply to email.

I wonder if maybe you don't see the contacts and calendar folders because you and I are "viewing" Outlook differently. When I say that the contact & calendar icons appear "within" the Hotmail account, I mean they appear on the left sidebar (or "Navigation Pane") of Outlook in the "folders list" view (Ctrl+6). You wouldn't see those calendar and contacts icons if the Navigation Pane is turned off. And you wouldn't see them from within the "mail" view (Ctrl+1). From within the "contacts" view (Ctrl+3) or "calender" view (Ctrl+2) you should see multiple contacts or calendar folders with gray lettering that denotes the account.

Just to be sure we're "viewing" Outlook the same way, please try this from the Inbox:
1) Go to the "View" tab and select Navigation Pane-->Normal. There should be a "Navigation Pane" as a left sidebar with folders in it.
2) Hit Ctrl+6. You should see each of your accounts in the Navigation Pane (e.g. and
3) To the left of each account, there should be a small triangle that expands or collapses the account and shows or hides the folders inside. Click to expand the Hotmail account.

Is there no contact or calendar folder in the Hotmail account?

One other thing... If, from your Inbox, you go into File/Info/Account Settings/Account Settings, is your Hotmail account type MAPI or is it POP, or something else? It should be MAPI.
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