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Originally Posted by DaSchmarotzer View Post
Good job Ardchoille.

Since the tutorial already needs APKManager, why don't you edit it to include decompiling, compiling and maybe a quick note about optimization? They're all options in APK Manager and have much more power than just changing a couple image files.

With it, you don't have to worry about .9.png since they'll be compiled with the rest. Also, they'll have access to the "values" folder, where they'll need to edit xml files to change some colors or even text in the ROM (for example the color of the menu and dividers when the menu key is pressed).

Just a suggestion, I know your tutorial is a little more basic though. That's exactly how I started. (I even used Eclipse to compile my .9.png until I discovered APK Manager.)
Yeah, you're right. I'll be updating this tutorial to include more APK Manager stuff. APK Manager is a lot easier to use than Eclipse for theming. Thank you for the suggestion

EDIT: Unfortunately the Linux version of APK Manager lacks much of the functionality of the Windows version, so I won't be able to do much updating here.
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