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so far since i've gotten home i've called 8 local vzw stores. most of them didn't give me any info. one said nothing right now but Moto is coming out with 10+ android phones this year and some will obviously go to VZW (which we knew). a few mentioned the N1. one mentioned the Moto Calgary and it might be coming around March. he described it as a "step down in all ways" of the Droid.

then, there was 1 place which gave me some hope. when i asked what the next android phone was going to be on vzw, without hesitating he said his HTC rep told him they will be releasing a phone in 2 months, and its definitely different than the N1. i asked him for a name or specs, but he said he wasn't given that information. the htc rep just said in 2 months. so, that was good to hear. now, on to page 2 of the local VZW stores hahaha.
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