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Originally Posted by kyler13 View Post
Dude, you're cherrypicking your info. The report of a phone running at 850MHz is the HTC Incredible for Verizon. You don't have to say you're talking about Verizon, the mere mention of this lone rumor implies it. And the same report said it's a large display like the Nexus One. You're sorta talking in circles about the tangent you went off on. I never mentioned the Nexus One being supplanted by anything. Just said something about your mythical phone seeming like a successor to the Eris which would not fit into Verizon's line-up right now. You still don't seem to be grasping what I'm saying.

How am I cherrypicking info? I mentioned the 850MHz thing. If I did omit any information, it surely wasn't intentional. However, your vague comments about selectively picking info doesn't even address my original question which was that commenting on a rumor on the basis of another rumor is even more speculative that what I have posted here. So, why is it that I am selective in the information that I presented? If you truly don't think I am grasping what you are saying then why don't you clarify because it just seems like we are going around in circles? And really, I am not sure if you even understand my own viewpoint now.
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