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Originally Posted by Groty View Post
I've never seen the invisibleSHIELD before. How tough is it to install the Full version? What isn't covered by the "Full Body Easy Install"?

Here's what I'm seeing for the Evo 4G.

HTC EVO 4G Screen Protector | invisibleSHIELD by ZAGG
The full version is pretty tough to put on and the sides end up coming off. I'm going with just the screen this time and it isn't hard to put on at all.

Originally Posted by bobby2478 View Post
The main thing I didn't like about the invisible shield, especially for a touch screen phone, is that it has a somewhat grippy and rubbery feel to it. Which is fine for all around the phone, but my fingers didn't slide as easily across the touchscreen when swiping etc. Because of this I will elect to stay away from it for the 3D. That's my only complaint though, from a pure protection standpoint they are great. I just wish the screen protector was more slick so your finger could glide over the phone more easily and not be as sticky.
It is fairly "grippy" and I think that is one of the things I really like, especially on the back, it makes the phone very hard to drop on accident if you are just lightly holding on to it.

The screen does get a little different feel with it on. I got a replacement 4G a couple months ago and never put the screen protector back on and I can tell the difference in feel, but the main thing is without it, i feel like the finger prints are WAY worse without it. That is the main reason I'm getting one for the 3D, I'm not worried about scratching the screen so much as I want to cut down on the smudges and finger prints.
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