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Originally Posted by jroc View Post
^Yea...what drew me to the Droid 1 was at the time it was one of the biggest screens on a phone.

I got my Droid X1 sight unseen and couldnt be happier. Ppl here n there did make remarks about the size. Not so much now. I said in the past 4.5 might be the max I would do. So the size isnt an issue to me. I swear when going back n forth between my Droid 1 and DX1....the Droid 1 seems so Once you get used to the bigger screen, I feel you wont wanna go back.
I agree when I went back to a droid 1 from a droid X I kept thinking wow this is small and then when i had an incredible it was the same way. I think with very little bezel 4.5 is the biggest I would take but this phone is looking good. I went in and played with the infuse 4g and it didnt feel that much larger than my tb. I will wait and play with one in store and then decide but this is looking like my next phone since I am due for an upgrade in july and who knows when this will be out.
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