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Default Cannot play media Doggcatcher

Originally Posted by justjimjpc View Post

1.) Model Number ? ______HTC Hero_____
2.) Firmware Version ? ____1.5_______
3.) Baseband Version ? ____63.18.55.06EU.
4.) Kernel Version ? ______2.6.27-8dd6deee_____
5.) Build Number ? _____2.73.405.5 146733 CL#61267 release-keys______

Also do you have a T-Mobile Data plan on your
PayAsYouGo or FlexPay Plan? _________No_______

Carrier ? ______02_______ (we know some are also Unlocked so not Just T-Mobile)

Country you are using your phone in ? _____UK_______ (we know that not everyone is from the US)

I've been streaming podcasts on Doggcatcher through to my car stereo for a while now. Although I've had issues with the pitch with bluetooth streaming (which HTC are aware and hoping to fix on a future update), it's worked fine until recently. In the last few days I have been getting the following message whenever I try and play the media (with and without bluetooth streaming enabled):

error playing media: java.lang. stringindexoutofboundsexception
When it first happened, I just restarted the phone and it then worked as normal. This happened about 2-3 times. However, this morning, even a re-start hasn't helped. Has anyone got any ideas as to how I might fix this?

Many thanks in advance!
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