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After flashing the patch my data would work but sometimes after a reboot would be off again, tried to change that setting and it wouldnt stick.

I was able to send SMS messages, it would say they were sending forever and would never say sent but i did know they were sending out. But im still not able to recieve incoming texts, tried sending one to myself

When making phone calls i could dial out, but couldnt use the dial pad again or end the call. If the other end hung up, i would be left with a notification and be unable to make a new call and would have to reboot.

I was getting notifications for new emails in gmail, but wouldnt recieve texts or calls even with data working. I used alogcat to get these, just left the default settings. If im missing something or need to do anything differently just let me know and i would be happy to run them again.

****Ive been able to switch between nandroids of velocity and cm7 just fine as far as i could tell. Also i sent a text to a friend last night to test the sms, she got it right away even though it said "sending.." continuously. Then got the text 7 more times a couple hours laters a few minutes apart. Just found that out a few minutes ago
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