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Audio jack doesn't pass sound through. A notification will appear by the clock, but no sound in the headset, the phones speaker continues to output sound. Also I notice that the speaker volume is WAYYY low
V/HeadsetObserver( 1416): Headset UEVENT: {SUBSYSTEM=switch, SWITCH_STATE=2, DEV -

The radio seems to be horrible, I have been using in places where I normally have full signal... A few minutes ago my signal strength was reported as -1073741922 dBm!!!! I have of course set International Roaming on, and Set to CDMA Auto. When I try calling my phone it will ring to voice-mail with no notification on the handset that I received a call. I was able to make an outgoing call, but could not hang up and the call shows as still active even 15 minutes after I hung up the other line. Only way to get rid of this is rebooting

**EDIT** My nandroid problem was the backup itself, it had a dalvik issue, corrected.

** I would also like to express my disappointed in the people who had been testing this since yesterday. I came on the forum this morning and read the posts seeing NOTHING stating that placing and receiving calls wasn't working. I mean come on guys its a phone, and with what I imagine to be quite a few of you having already tested this. I should NOT have been surprised by this and it should not have taken over 24 hours for me and KoG to post about these bugs.... (just my 2c)
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