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I was thinking of starting a new thread for this but this one looks like it is dealing with my question.

So I have been testing a couple of different File Manager apps from the market to access Windows Server shares on my network. So far I have tried ES File Manager, Astro with Astro SMB plugin and AndSMB. So far only ASTRO and AndSMB have worked to at least let me browse and copy files off of the shares to my phone.

ES File Manager gives me

Login Failure
This may be caused by:
WiFi is off
SMB server is out of network scope
The IP is invalid
Blocked by firewall
SMB service is off

I connected to the server by letting ES scan my network and I choose the server from the list created by that scan. Not sure what is going on there.

I acutally really like ASTRO but I have found that I can't open any files(I get different errors depending on what phone application tries to open the file I choose) from the SMB share. Doesn't seem to matter what type of file. I have to copy the files to my SD card and then I can open them.

AndSMB works to connect and browse the share but it forces you to download the files down to the device to open them also.

So although ASTRO and AndSMB work I can't seem to do in place viewing and editing of files which is the functionality that I am looking for.

I am making these connections to the SMB shares over WiFi in a Active Directory Environment. I have no need for remote SMB access.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get Astro to allow opening files from SMB shares? How about any suggestions on other apps that are able to do what I am looking for?
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