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Originally Posted by opplife View Post
Yes i took it back. It was just the wifi version

Like i tested it out.. I went to the 3rd level of my house ( my router is in the basement on the 1st level )

I loaded up my windows laptop and went to 2 different sites and loaded tv/movies - no problem, no jerking, no stopping

I then shut my laptop down

I then loaded up my xoom, did same thing.. same places and 3 times in a row the streaming video stops ( and wont start again, you physically have to leave the site and come back to it to get it to start and then a few minutes in.. around 4 or 5 mins it stops again )

I can't be done with that... So i took it back to the store and got a refund.

I am looking at buying a laptop now and will come back to android tablets 1 or 2 years from now, once they are out of the early stages and have something stable and comparable to laptop quality
Like I said, it's a router issue.

Oh well.
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