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Default Huge data charges from orange...Help

I received a bill from orange this month of 751.
I called them and they said it was mainly data charges.I normally pay 18.50 a month for my contract that includes of 500 mb internet.
I am always within this limit the most mobile internet 180mb was (once only)
And I use an Iphone 3gs.But I wanted to change my phone to iPhone 4.So I called orange customer services and asked for a micro sim because it is smaller.And iPhone 4 takes the smaller sim.
Firstly They didn't want to sell it to me because they wanted to sell me the iPhone bundle which contains 750 Mb of internet for extra 10 a month as long as I have the iphone..I explained to them that I don't use so much internet and what I have is more than enough for me.
And they put me through to Iphone team.they explained to me the same thing and told me i had to have iPhone bundle otherwise they wouldn't send me the micro sim.and also told me there are a lot of people buying sim free Iphone and use it as normal without letting Orange know so therefore Orange loses money and they are determent to catch those people.
I refused to buy the sim and the iPhone bundle.And carried on using my 3gs.
But the very next day I noticed my 500Mb internet went down to 36Mb from 475Mb one day.So i called orange and explained but they couldn't fined anything(so they said) and then I got scared and bought iPhone bundle.for the following month.
But i don't know what they did inside but my internet was going down like crazy and I was using it as normal.but still manged to go over my 750Mb per month limit without using it.And ended up with 751 bill.I called orange many times and asked to speak to a supervisor twice and they told me they would get back to me but nobody got back to this day.So I wrote to them 3 weeks ago recorded next day delivery but not an answer in 3 weeks.
Now I don't know what to do.They don't communicate with me, I feel like I only exist to pay their bills.
They told me I used the internet so therefore I had to pay the bill in full.

Please help...

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