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Originally Posted by vestal1975 View Post
just wanna let ya know that if you want to use LTE then you may need to change your SIM(at no charge at AT&T COR store)
And if you do that while using an Atrix it will lock your phone and you will have to do a "restore to factory settings" loosing all you settings, texts, history, pictures, address book...... The problem is that the phone will not let you log into motoblur after you change sim cards.

But the folks at the AT&T COR store will have no clue why you can no longer log into blurr and will keep telling you that you are entering the wrong password. Eventually, they will call the Motorola tech support, who will escalate to their Tier 2 support who will tell you that you have to do the "restore to factory setting" and walk you through it.

When you complain about loosing everything, they will tell you that it is your fault because you should have thought of that before choosing to change the SIM card. They will blame AT&T for not warning you.

After all of this, I have no idea if it actually made the downloads any faster because I returned the Atrix on the spot. I will carry a car battery in a backpack to keep a HTC charged before I would consider buying another Motorola product or deal with motoblurr again. Good riddance.

What I do know is that I am seeing higher speeds on the HTC Inspire than I ever saw on the Atrix, so the information about changing sim cards does appear to be correct.

Keep this in mind before you switch sim cards.
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