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Originally Posted by messyd06 View Post

if you guys can please answer some questions about flashing my evo over to metro pcs that would be awesome...

when there is a newer software update available (2.4 or higher or whatever) like the android 2.3 will i still be able to download it?

what will be different as far as what i will lose from sprint.. metro evo vs sprint evo?

if i ever had to repair like a screen or somethin on the evo, who fixes that or how the insurance goes that i had on sprint?

thanks guys
so basically this is the whole rundown..once you flash your evo over to sprint,your never gonna be tied to sprint ever again,until you go back to them (if you choose to,of coarse).that means NO INSURANCE..

first you have to find someone who can add your ESN to metro's database (this is so your phone can be activated on metro's network) with houdini.this is a program that fully programs your phone to metropcs..and regular metro pcs stored usually dont do it search craigslist or other cell phone shops in your area.

once you have your phone programed with talk and text,you can either pay extra to have them do MMS and DATA or you can program DATA/MMS yourself using THIS VERY EASY GUIDE,which i personally used many times on mine and other peoples metro flashed evos.

as far as updates go,metro doesnt push updates out,so your only option is flashing a new rom on your phone (not all ROMS will work for your phone either,BUT MOST WILL).its easy to flash ROMs also,theres tons out there.whenever theres an update,dev's will take that update and cook it into a ROM for us.then we just flash the ROM and theres the update

replaceing a broken screen is actually pretty easy,you can DIY,or pay someone like 100 to fix it (thats what i did once already).and also im on the 45 dollar plan with ALL SERVICES WORKING.GPS,WEB,MMS,TALK and TEXT.
only shitty part is,we get 2G speed on 3G abut you only pay 45 a month
hope this helps!!
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